House and Senate fight over sinkhole funding

707125.0.senateeThe state House and Senate are battling it out over the Fraser sinkhole. After the governor declared a state of emergency, a House bill to give the city a grant was passed…and then changed by the Senate. The Senate turned the 3 million dollar grant into a 5 (m) million dollar, no-interest loan. Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof says he wants to encourage other communities to maintain their infrastructure – instead of waiting for a crisis to get a handout from the state. “I’m not interested in opening up the checkbook for the state and having everybody stand in line and get free money for their infrastructure.” But the House approved amendments that effectively undid the Senate’s work. Flint will also have to wait for federal money. The same appropriation approves millions of dollars for that city. The bill is headed back to the Senate which has already gone on a two week break.