Michigan testing new child support collection methods

d5671f90fa0d750460fc16d4207e3fd1Michigan is testing new approaches to child support, specifically for children born out of wedlock. State officials say new approaches include randomized assignments for child support specialists to control bias, as well as coming to an effective collection option more quickly. Erin Frisch is the Director of the Office of Child Support at the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. She says there are several projects currently in the works. “We are evaluating right now the data that we’ve gotten back and are looking at whether we will be rolling out any of these statewide. Many of the things we’re testing right now are around the enforcement of child support and how to get collections or child support payments in a consistent reliable manner.” Frisch says one project out of Genesee County looks at new ways of establishing paternity for children born out of wedlock. She says one in three children are in Michigan’s child support program, and 42 percent of children born in the state are born out of wedlock.