Documentary explores the aftermath of Sandy Hook

028A documentary on the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shooting will premiere on PBS this week .


The documentary, Newtown, focuses on the lives of community members in the wake of the shooting and how the town copes with grief after national news has moved on.

Kim Synder directed the film. She said she spent over three years with the community of Newtown.

“I think a lot of the challenges were in the edit room. How do you tell a story that doesn’t have a beginning, middle, and end? There is no closure per se, that’s one of the things that comes forth in the film. But how do you create something that hopefully shifts consciousness and enters in such a deep way that you are forced to look at this issue as a nation and ask what can we do differently?”

Synder said although Sandy Hook became the nexus of national debate around gun control, the film is without partisan leaning and focuses on the grief and resilience of the community.