Charlevoix bridge closures end early

file351279028871Overnight closures of Charlevoix’s bascule bridge requiring a 67 mile detour around Lake Charlevoix finished nine days early.


The project was expected to take twelve nights but instead finished in three.

During those nights emergency responders had to be posted on either side of the bridge in case of problems.

James Lake is with the Michigan Department of Transportation. He said they try to fix movable bridges like this one at least once a decade.

“We have twelve movable bridges along the state highway system. Because they are movable parts wear out, parts are distressed, so we like to go in and overhaul all those systems once every ten years, make sure they are in top working order.”

During the remainder of construction the bridge will have one lane of traffic open in each direction.

Lake said they are on track to complete the one point nine million dollar project by May 25th.