Michigan Supreme Court to hold session at Petoskey HS

6th Circuit Court of Appeals

A Michigan Supreme Court session will be held Apr. 25 at Petoskey High School.

It’s part of a program aimed at getting students interested in the judicial system.

The Court Community Connections Program began ten years ago.

This year is the first time a northern Michigan school will be hosting a session.

Tina DeMoore is an attorney in Petoskey.

She said students from 13 Charlevoix and Emmet County schools will be attending.

“So the main focus of the event are students from those schools. However there is seating open and available to the public on a first come first serve basis.”

DeMoore said the case involves whether or not it’s legal to be intoxicated in a vehicle in a residential driveway.

“We actually kind of conducted a law school session using the socratic method, to talk about the case and the statute involved, what the students can expect to hear on the day of the hearing, so they’ve already had a prep session in advance.”

The session will be livestreamed in real time.