Schuette and others announce “Anti-Smurfing Campaign” to curb meth ingredient purchases

themethLaw enforcement and pharmacists are working together to curb methamphetamine production in the state.
It’s called the “Anti-Smurfing Campaign.”

Smurfing is the practice of buying cold and allergy medicine like – Sudafed – that contain meth ingredients, for meth cooks.

The campaign created posters for pharmacies warning consumers not to buy cold and allergy medicine for someone else. One reads “Buying meds to make meth? Police take Names…and make arrests.”

Attorney General Bill Schuette says they want to make sure people know they are committing a crime and there are consequences.

“The whole point it we want to alert folks that the meth epidemic is real.”

The state currently uses a national log to track over the counter medicine sales to curb the methamphetamine problem in the state.