August is National Breastfeeding Month

It’s National Breastfeeding Month, and officials say most Michigan mothers breastfeed.

They said this is a good thing since breastfed babies have fewer allergies and healthier immune systems.

Marian Tompson is with La Leche League. She said even though most mothers breastfeed, sometimes it can be hard for mothers.

“Our culture could do things to make it a little easier for those women,” Tompson said, “With flex time, with allowing them to have a baby close by where they could get over to nurse. And I think we have to appreciate how important breastfeeding is to us all.”

Tompson says 75 percent of Michigan mothers and 79 percent of mothers nation-wide breastfeed.

She said the act is a healthy choice for babies.

“There have been thousands of studies during the past 50 years that confirm babies are healthier when they’re breastfed. And it makes sense because they’re getting the food that was meant for their growth and development,” Tompson said.

She said one positive trend is the growing number of certified breastfeeding-friendly hospitals in the U.S. so far there are nearly 200 such hospitals.