Bay City commissioners to decide on immigrant resolution

15530254-largeA group of immigrant children set for a brief stay in Bay City are expected to arrive later this month. Just in time for a decision by the city commission on whether to welcome them.

In early August Wellspring Lutheran Services secured a federal contract to house 24 immigrant children, ages six to 13, at its Bay City facility.

Since that time, the city has seen protests in favor of and against the housing plan.

The children’s arrival was originally scheduled for the end of August. Instead it was delayed by federal officials until the end of September.

While Bay City waits for the children, a resolution to welcome the youths to Bay City is awaiting a vote.

Chad Sibley is the Bay City Commissioner behind the resolution.

He said, “I actually sent it out to all of the commissioners because I wanted to get their feedback so I could get more buy-in to get this to pass. Some commissioners were very good at giving me input. For those that responded they really didn’t have a whole lot of complaints and I just made very minor tweaks.”

Sibley said the resolution is scheduled for a final vote at the commission’s next meeting on Monday .

He said regardless of how the vote goes, more work needs to be done at the federal level to resolve the immigration issue.