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Third case of chronic wasting disease found in Ingham County


State wildlife officials confirm a third deer from a mid-Michigan forest has tested positive for chronic wasting disease.

These are the first instances of chronic wasting disease found in the wild in Michigan. It’s already been found in 20 states and two Canadian provinces. Continue reading

Second case of Chronic Wasting Disease confirmed in Michigan


A second deer has been confirmed to have Chronic Wasting Disease.

Chronic Wasting Disease – or CWD – is a fatal brain disease that affects deer and moose. Wildlife officials say infected animals have -quote – “zombie like” behavior.

The second case of CWD was confirmed by the DNR in Ingham County, only a mile away from the first case which was reported in May.

Officials say genetic testing is being done to determine if the two deer are related.

CWD does not infect humans.

Suspicious looking deer should be reported to the DNR.