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A documentary about an Indian family looking to find love for their son airs Monday on CMU Public Television


Meet The Patels was filmed by Geeta Patel, and follows her brother Ravi on his – and their parents – quest to find him love.

The Patel’s parents fly him around the world in hopes he will get married soon. Continue reading

PBS WWII history documentary being shown in Traverse City this weekend

Photo courtesy: PBS

Photo courtesy: PBS

History that was largely forgotten is now resurfacing in the form of a documentary on PBS.

Heroes on Deck focuses on the history of World War II aircraft carriers found at the bottom of Lake Michigan and the pilots that trained on them.

The Grand Traverse Lighthouse Museum is planning to pre-screen the film before it airs on PBS. Continue reading

Documentary on police militarization airs Monday on CMU Public Television


A documentary focused on the militarization of police is airing Monday night on CMU Public Television.

The film is called Peace Officer. It follows a former sheriff in Utah as he investigates a SWAT team that killed his son-in-law. Continue reading

PBS documentary tackles the challenges of raising an older special-needs child

Photo of Dona (left) and Mimi (right) from the film.

Photo of Dona (left) and Mimi (right) from the film.

A documentary airing tonight on PBS sheds light on the challenges of dealing with disabled people as they and their caregivers grow older.

The show, called Mimi and Dona focuses on an elderly mother who can no longer take care of her daughter who has an intellectual disability. Continue reading