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Third part candidates collect more money

moneyMichigan residents have contributed millions of dollars this election cycle to presidential candidates…mainly to the two from the major parties: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. But third party candidates are collecting more cash this election season.

Sanders urges people to vote for Clinton

Sanders0215-fotoOne-time Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders urged a crowd in Kalamazoo to vote for his former rival for the Democratic nomination next week. Sanders spoke at a get out the vote rally Wednesday on the Western Michigan University campus for Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Sanders told the audience that the work of transforming the county has to continue after next week’s election:

“That in America today while the middle class shrinks, while 43-million people live in poverty, some in extreme poverty, the wealthiest people and the largest corporations have never had it so good”

Sanders’ visit is part of a flurry of campaign activity in Michigan leading up to Tuesday’s election. Republican Vice Presidential candidate Mike Pence is scheduled to be in Portage tomorrow. Hillary Clinton will appear at a get out the vote rally Friday in Detroit.

Advice for Clinton/Trump on the Great Lakes

GLT PictureAdvocates for the Great Lakes are watching the presidential election and hoping the next US president will continue to prioritize restoration across the region.

Groups from New York to Michigan to Ontario say there’s still a lot of work to be done, and they hope the next president supports them in managing invasive species, addressing climate change, and cleaning up polluted areas.

Peter Annin is co-director of the Mary Griggs Burke Center for freshwater innovation at Northland College in Wisconsin. He recently brought together a group of experts representing everything from commercial to environmental interests.

Annin says many ideas came out of the summit, including the desire to start actively preserving Great Lakes ecosystems.

“Should there be more dollars invested in preservation work,” he asks, “and maybe a little bit less in restoration work?”

Many of that group’s ideas echoed recommendations from the Great Lakes Commission earlier this year.

Local groups are also weighing in. Jill Jedlicka from the Buffalo Niagara RiverKeeper says the next administration needs to work closely with community leaders.

“It’s one thing to make judgments from offices in Washington,” says Jedlicka. “But if they don’t maintain that communication and understanding from the front lines then they’re not fully informed to make decisions.”

Mark Mattson with Lake Ontario WaterKeeper in Canada hopes the next US president will be a uniting force among the states, provinces, tribes, and others with a stake in the lakes.

“There’s so many different visions and different ideas about what needs to be addressed,” he says.

Domestic policy of the presidential candidates is focus of Speak Up Speak Out forum on CMU’s campus

DSC06299 (1)

The Domestic Policy of the presidential candidates is the main focus of a discussion on Central Michigan University’s campus Wednesday at 7pm.

The Speak Up Speak Out forum will host political science professors and students as panelists.

They’ll discuss the positions of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on issues of domestic policy. Continue reading

Clinton says her campaign will take high road

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton addresses a voter registration rally at Wayne State University in Detroit.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton addresses a voter registration rally at Wayne State University in Detroit.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton stopped by Detroit today (Mon.), where she addressed a voter registration rally. Tomorrow (Tue.) is Michigan’s deadline to register.
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Bernie makes final pitch in Kalamazoo

Sanders0215-fotoAbout 3200 people turned out to hear Democratic primary candidate Bernie Sanders in Kalamazoo this morning. At the Wings Event Center, Sanders told the crowd that he’ll work to make things better for working people and students if he’s elected president. He drew cheers with proposals for a $15 minimum wage, free tuition at public universities and lower costs for prescription drugs. Sanders also called on the US to reinvest in its aging roads and water systems. He says the money to fix them could be raised by closing corporate tax loopholes.
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Sanders closing gap in Michigan; trails Clinton by 10 points

voteA new poll has former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton up 10 points in Michigan on her opponent for the Democratic presidential nomination, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

Clinton is leading Sanders 50 to 40 percent, with 10 percent of voters undecided. That’s a big improvement for Sanders, who was trailing Clinton by 30 points in Michigan earlier this month. Continue reading