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Sault-area school receiving attention for success of low-income students

file2511249323684Student success across the state often correlates with economic status.

That trend is being broken by only a few schools in Michigan, including one in Sault Sainte Marie.

The Joseph K. Lumsden Anishinaabe School is a K through 8 grant school chartered by Northern Michigan University. It serves nearly 500 students.

The school received recognition because students on the lowest end of achievement were almost evenly represented by low-income, middle income and upper income students.

Statewide economically disadvantaged students are nearly three times as likely to have low achievement as the non-economically disadvantaged.

Carolyn Dale works for the JKL school. She attributes the success to a combination of school supports and cultural acceptance.

“It really goes back to that sense of family and community. A sense of bonding a sense of these are our children. The Anishinabe culture is huge it’s woven into everything we do.”

Dale said the school can serve as a rubric for student success across the state.

Habitat for Humanity receives funding for affordable housing

Stack of MoneyLow income families struggling to find affordable housing are receiving some help from a state grant.

Habitat for Humanity Michigan was recently awarded a grant of 1.1 million dollars to help Michigan families find homes. Continue reading