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Anti-fracking group challenges petition limits


The petition campaign to outlaw fracking in Michigan is asking the state Court of Appeals to overturn a 180-time limit on gathering signatures. The campaign is asking the court to strike down a law signed in June by Governor Rick Snyder.

Lu Ann Kozma is with the anti-fracking campaign. She would like the court to rule soon so the campaign can decide whether to continue gathering signatures. Continue reading

House Democrats try to make voting easier with a constitutional amendment

Michigan-State-HouseState House Democrats are calling for a voters’ bill of rights in the Michigan Constitution. Voting has been a hot-button issue in the Legislature this election year. Democrats say they want to reverse Republican efforts to end straight-ticket voting, and make it harder to vote absentee.
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Lawmaker proposes a ban on “referendum-proofing”

Capital_Building_LansingA Democratic state lawmaker has called for closing a loophole that allows the Legislature to shield some controversial laws from ballot challenges.

The Michigan Constitution says spending bills can’t be challenged by a voter referendum.

In recent years, the Legislature’s Republican majorities have used spending provisions to make controversial laws like right-to-work and the emergency manager act referendum-proof. Continue reading