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Data finds link between Flint water and Legionnaires Disease

file0001912523872New test data from the Centers for Disease Control may show a link between Flint’s water during the water crisis to an uptick in cases of Legionnaires Disease.

But officials with the state health department say an ongoing probe into McLaren’s Flint hospital response to the disease outbreak will continue.

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Over 2 million pounds of food have been delivered to Flint so far this year

food pantry-1As much as 400 thousand pounds of food are delivered to Flint residents every month. This according to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

The effort is part of a program that offers free high-nutrient foods available to residents to offset lead exposure.

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Grants available for programming for people with developmental disabilities

484665892062d4dbb8c17fe028a65441The Michigan Developmental Disabilities Council is looking for organizations interested in creating opportunities for developmentally disabled people.

The Council will award $650,000 in grants through the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services for programming increasing support for persons with disability. Continue reading

More charges filed in Flint water crisis

The investigation into Flint’s water is far from over. Attorney General Bill Schutte announced 18 new charges for six state officials Friday during a press conference.
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Health chief: Ebola distracted from Genesee County Legionnaire’s outbreak

flintThe state’s health director says an outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease in Genesee County did not get the attention it deserved from his agency. He says it was partially due to the department’s focus on a different health threat that never materialized.
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Vaccination waiver rates decrease 39 percent from last year


Even though there has been an overall decrease in vaccination waivers statewide, some counties still have high rates of children not receiving vaccinations.

Michigan’s immunization waiver rate has decreased by 39% as a result of a rule change last year. That rule makes it so parents who wish to not vaccinate their children are required to meet with health officials before a waiver will be granted. Continue reading

Waiver approval means 600,000 people can stay on Michigan’s Medicaid expansion

hospital 11-08-13About 600,000 Michiganders will be able to stay on the state’s expanded Medicaid program.

The Healthy Michigan plan got a critical waiver approval from the federal government on Thursday.
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Michigan receives five year grant to increase screening rates of colorectal cancer





The Centers for Disease Control has awarded Michigan a five year grant to increase the number of colorectal cancer screenings.

State officials say currently, 72% of adults receive the screening. They’d like to see that number increase to 80% by 2018. Continue reading

Child and Adult Protective Services workers win more overtime pay

moneyMichigan Child and Adult Protective Services workers are eligible for more overtime pay after a recent arbitration decision. There are now more situations that qualify on-call employees working at home for overtime.
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Michigan lacking in tobacco prevention- according to the American Cancer Society


Michigan is falling short when it comes to helping smokers quit, according to a new report from the American Cancer Society.

The report takes issue with Michigan’s failure to pass a tobacco tax increase in over a decade, said Andrew Schepers, a spokesman for the A-C-S. Continue reading

Snyder signs law cutting off welfare for families with truant kids


Gov. Rick Snyder has signed a new law tying welfare benefits to school attendance.

For more than two years, a Michigan Department of Health and Human Services policy has ended cash assistance for families with children who persistently miss school. House Bill 4041 cements that policy in state law. Continue reading