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Changes to road signs and stoplights has made it safer for older drivers in Michigan


The crash rate of drivers 65 and older has been reduced by more than 60 percent.

State officials say it’s the result of changes to road signs and stoplights

A study conducted by the Michigan Department of Transportation shows that changing signage font, color, and material has made it easier for older drivers to see. Continue reading

Alpena County expecting to see new road and 15 new jobs


By next summer, Alpena County expects to see one new road, two new businesses and 15 new jobs.

The county has received a state grant to construct a road that will serve the limestone company and the microbrewery. The $300,000 matching grant comes from the Department of Transportation. The cost of the total project is $710,290. Continue reading

Audit slams MDOT over road warranties


A new report from the state auditor general takes the Michigan Department of Transportation to task. The report examines a warranty program to hold construction companies responsible for the quality of the roads they build. It says the state doesn’t follow up often enough with contractors to ensure problems are fixed. Continue reading

Auditor General faults MDOT rail program for wasting millions

Photo courtesy of the Clare Railroad Depot.

Photo courtesy of the Clare Railroad Depot.

The state Auditor General says a program to launch local commuter rail programs has wasted many millions of dollars. The audit found the Michigan Department of Transportation missed out on applying for federal mass transit funds that could have defrayed the state’s costs, and failed to ensure all railway crossings are safe. Specifically to task for spending nearly 10 million dollars to refurbish rail cars that are sitting idle. Continue reading

New Ann Arbor to Traverse City passenger train idea being discussed

Photo courtesy of the Michigan Land Use Initiative.

Photo courtesy of the Michigan Land Use Initiative.

An exploratory project is being launched to bring back passenger train service to a rail line that still exists through central and northern Michigan.
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Rising cost of salt could bust road budgets this winter


The rising cost of salt could be a budget-buster for road agencies this coming winter.

“It’s a simple supply-and-demand situation, obviously, and we went through a ton of salt, all agencies across the state and the upper Midwest because of last year’s winter,” says Jeff Cranson of the Michigan Department of Transportation. “And we anticipate this year, we’re going to have another pretty rough winter and, now, we know going into it that salt prices are going to be up.”

Cranson says the cost of salt is about 50 percent more than last year. Cranson says the state and local road agencies used 656 thousand tons of salt last winter. The same amount would cost about $40 million today.

He says history suggests it could be years before the cost of road salt goes down. He says it’s one more reason the state needs to come up with more road revenue.

Governor Rick Snyder is pressing the Legislature to approve a package to raise more than a billion dollars for roads.

The Michigan Department of Transportation is looking for “Road Watchers”

MDOT_TowPlow_405818_7 Winter Michigan highway courtesy of Michigan Department of Transportation. [/caption]Michigan Department of Transportation has found a new way to get feedback on conditions of northern Michigan roads in the winter.
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