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Representatives leave Lansing for the week with no road funding compromise


There’s no road funding deal to speak of as state representatives leave Lansing for the week. That means a vote on any plan will have to wait until next week – and possibly until the fall.

It appears Republicans in the state House remain divided on whether a gas tax increase should be part of any plan to boost road funding. Continue reading

As state House gets set to take up roads, Dem leader criticizes Senate plan


Democrats in the state Legislature are criticizing Republican plans to boost road funding. That’s as the House gets set to take up the debate next week.

The state Senate approved a plan last week that would boost the gas tax by 15 cents a gallon over three years and shift $700 million from other areas of the budget. It also includes a possible rollback in the state income tax rate. Continue reading

$1 billion dollar road funding proposal clears state House

A plan to boost road funding by about a billion dollars a year has cleared the state House. The Republican proposal relies mostly on shifting existing funds in the state budget instead of significantly raising taxes.

State House Speaker Kevin Cotter unveiled the plan after the historic failure of Proposal One. He says voters want the Legislature to prioritize existing revenues to help fix the roads. Continue reading

State House nearing vote on road funding proposal


Republican leaders in the state House hope to hold a vote Wednesday on their proposal to boost road funding by about $1 billion a year.

New money for roads would mostly come from projected revenue increases over the next few years and by shifting existing funds in the state budget. Continue reading

House committee begins road funding hearings

A special state House committee has begun deliberations on how to find more than $1 billion for roads and transportation. That’s after voters overwhelmingly said “no” to the Legislature’s last plan on the May ballot.

House Republican leaders say they want a solution in hand in less than a month. They say the plan is to search for savings and efficiencies before tackling the tougher questions about raising revenue. Continue reading

Snyder, lawmakers sort through Proposal 1 wreckage


Voters said no Tuesday to Proposal One by a margin of almost four-to-one. But, as unhappy as people were with the ballot question, they’re still unhappy with the state of Michigan’s roads. So Governor Rick Snyder and lawmakers say they’ll go back to work on finding money for roads – and they will heed the lessons of Proposal One. Continue reading

Audit slams MDOT over road warranties


A new report from the state auditor general takes the Michigan Department of Transportation to task. The report examines a warranty program to hold construction companies responsible for the quality of the roads they build. It says the state doesn’t follow up often enough with contractors to ensure problems are fixed. Continue reading

Governor: Not concerned about early ballot polls


Governor Rick Snyder says he’s not paying attention to early polls that show the road funding proposal on the May ballot is in trouble. The proposal would raise the state sales tax to 7 percent as part of a complicated plan to fund road repairs without taking money from schools or local governments. Continue reading

Snyder: Road money discussions “constructive”


Governor Rick Snyder met today (Fri.) with the Legislature’s Republican and Democratic leaders to try and strike a deal on road funding. The governor hosted a day-long series of meetings in his state Capitol office to toss around ideas and crunch the numbers. Continue reading

State Legislature getting ready to hammer out compromise on road funding

The state Legislature is taking steps to hammer out a road funding compromise in the final days of its 2014 session.

The House and Senate passed plans that are drastically different. The Senate approved legislation that would essentially double the state’s gas tax to pay for road improvements. The House plan would divert revenues from schools and local governments and would not raise any taxes. Continue reading

Snyder: House transit plan not sufficient


Governor Rick Snyder says a plan adopted by the state House to shift sales taxes collected on fuel sales to roads won’t work. He says that could rob schools and local governments of money they need to operate.

“What I would say is the House action doesn’t get us there fast enough or far enough. It also creates major consequences to schools and local partners — that I don’t want to see negative things happen to them.”

But Snyder says he still believes the Legislature can get something done on roads during its “lame duck” session. The governor prefers the Senate-adopted version that would increase the fuel tax. He says the state needs to generate in excess of a $1 billion a year to fix its long-neglected transportation infrastructure.

“We need to do something and something of significance to get better roads. No one in our state likes our roads. If you find that person, send ‘em to me. I don’t think you can.”

The House plan would shift sales taxes collected on fuel sales to roads. Republicans also adopted an amendment that would revert to the current system of appropriations for schools or local governments go down during a six-year transition period.

“Speaker Bolger agrees with the governor that we need to find a solution and we have two weeks to work together to find the solution,” said Bolger spokesman Ari Adler. “Speaker Bolger will explain to the governor how his plan does not take money from schools or local governments, and we worked … to protect them.”

The “lame duck” session is expected to wrap up in a couple weeks. If road funding is not wrapped up by then, the process would start over with the new session that begins in January.

Metro Detroit lawmakers putting up fight against road funding proposal

Governor Rick Snyder press event at M-10 and LTU to Fix the Roads.

It looks like lawmakers from one part of the state are putting up roadblocks against a plan to significantly increase infrastructure spending in Michigan.

The Legislature is spending its last nine session days of the year trying to agree on a way to fix Michigan’s roads. Governor Rick Snyder is pushing a Senate-approved plan that would raise the state’s gas tax.
Continue reading