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State raffles exceeds one million dollars donated towards conservation projects

A statewide raffle is hitting a milestone this year, raising one million dollars for Michigan conservation projects.

Officials said the Pure Michigan Hunt raffle raised over a quarter million dollars this year alone. That was due to a 46 percent increase in applications.

Rachel Leightner is the spokeswoman for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. She said the money helps to fund Michigan wildlife projects.

“The money goes directly into our game and fish fund, which will also benefit our wildlife grant fund. And all of the money goes towards a multitude of wildlife projects across the state.”

Besides the financial benefit to the state, Leightner said the Pure Michigan Hunt raffle is a big deal for hunters. They receive licenses for four hunting seasons, a 12-gage shotgun, a one hundred dollar gift card, and a go-pro outdoor camera.

This year’s winners were from Montcalm, Lapeer, and Kent counties.


In the interest of transparency the Michigan DNR is an underwriter of CMU Public Broadcasting.