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The presidential election is a large cause of stress for over half of Americans, according to new report


Republicans, democrats, and men and women are equally stressed about the upcoming election, according to a new report.

A study conducted by the American Psychological Association shows the election is a significant source of stress for Americans.

And adults who use social media say they feel more stressed about the state of politics, than those who do not. Continue reading

Experts say the urge to procrastinate is really all in your head

IMG_4018Health officials say the urge to procrastinate comes from the the limbic system in our brain. It regulates our moods-and if we feel stressed it looks for ways to distract us.
Dawn Zier is the CEO of Nutrisystem.

She said procrastination is hardwired into us.

“It’s really easy to say hey I don’t want to be stressed. I’ll deal with this tomorrow.And then you know we have to let the part of our brain that urges not to procrastinate to take over. Which is that prefrontal cortex. Where reasoning and higher thought reside .”

Zier said the urge to procrastinate is not beyond our control and there are strategies to break out it

A few ways to overcome procrastination are:

-Get rid of the “I will do it tomorrow” mantra
-Take small steps towards your goals
-And simply just do it

Expert weighs in on why Valentine’s Day is overrated

valentineThere’s a big day coming up this weekend that many people are looking forward to, the day after Valentine’s Day when the price of chocolate drops!

Let’s face it, whether you’re in a relationship or not, many people say Valentine’s Day is overrated. Continue reading