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CMU students help to preserve shipwreck artifacts

Central Michigan University students ventured north as volunteers this weekend at the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

They spent their weekend in Alpena through the University’s Alternative Breaks program.

Students from various fields and majors gained hands-on experience working with shipwreck artifacts that help tell the tale of our region’s history.

Stephanie Gandulla is media and outreach coordinator for the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

She said, “With those shipwrecks there are literally thousands of artifacts that are collected here at the sanctuary. So there’s a lot of work that goes into maintaining such an important collection. You’ve got to clean the artifacts, and perpetually really preserve them and conserve them. And then we also put them on display in our visitor’s centers. The CMU students are going to play a role in all of those aspects of artifact conservation and preservation.”

Gandulla said the students will also partake in an underwater robot build.

She said the team building exercise is meant to engage students in science, technology, engineering and mathematic principles.