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Vaccination waiver rates decrease 39 percent from last year


Even though there has been an overall decrease in vaccination waivers statewide, some counties still have high rates of children not receiving vaccinations.

Michigan’s immunization waiver rate has decreased by 39% as a result of a rule change last year. That rule makes it so parents who wish to not vaccinate their children are required to meet with health officials before a waiver will be granted. Continue reading

LSSU students educate expectant mothers about perinatal vaccination

LSSUNursinBabyShower8903Soon-to-be mothers in the eastern U-P had the chance recently to learn about the importance of perinatal vaccinations.

Nursing students from Lake Superior State University presented information on the value of perinatal vaccinations to hundreds of expectant mothers and their families. It was part of a community wide baby shower. Continue reading

Flu update: problems continue into the new year

flushotIf you still have yet to get a flu shot, health officials suggest making that that your new years resolution.

185. As of January 6th, Health officials said that was the number of influenza hospitalizations so far in Michigan. Continue reading