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Men In America Series on All Things Considered
What does it mean to be a man in America today?

Monday, August 25
Black Men in the Age of Obama
NPR's Sam Sanders puts the question to African-American males in NYC: What does it mean to be a black man in the age of Obama? It's not just juggling what it means to be a man, it's looking to the highest possibilities, while casting an eye behind you, mindful of what happened to Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

Raising A Biracial Son As Black
Youth Radio's deputy director Jabari Gray talks with his father Gerald about the first time they discussed race. Gerald is white, Jabari is biracial, and was raised to identify as black. Jabari wanted to know if his father felt slighted by that.

Thursday, August 28
Men's Hard, Dirty Work
NPR's Wade Goodwyn profiles the father/son-in-law team of a ranch outside of Fort Worth, Texas, to get a sense of how men view physical work in terms of masculinity.

Domingo Martinez writes about the difference between what he wanted to read as a 20-yearpold to what he wants to read as a 40- year-old.

Thursday, August 28
A Man, And An Ex-Con
Former prisoner Emanuel Price is the director of SCAFE (Second Chances Are for Everyone). In addition to providing re-entry resources in job training, helping with life skills and mentorship to former prisoners, the organization specifically addresses the question of masculinity in their monthly meet ups, which are now open to women. Deena Prichep reports.

Monday, September 1
Music And The Man
NPR's Joel Rose explores what makes "manly music."

Thursday, September 4
Immigrant Fathers and Sons
Navigating manhood between generations is hard enough in one culture, but what's it like when your father is an immigrant and you were born in the U.S.? Hansi Lo Wang of NPR’s Code Switch reports.

Saeed Jones, Buzzfeed editor, talks about how he learned about American masculinity from T. Cooper's Real Man Adventures.

Friday, September 5
Fathers of a Certain Age
Profiles of men who consciously become fathers at late stages of their lives and what that means to them.

Monday, September 8
Suicides and Middle Aged Men
NPR's Shankar Vedantam talks with Audie Cornish about the increase in suicide rates among men 50 to 54.

Ben Dolnick writes about Philip Roth's Patrimony, which was written after Roth cared for his ailing, elderly father.

Wednesday, September 10
Men Voters
NPR's Don Gonyea looks at how both parties are trying to fine tune their messages to appeal to male voters.

Viagra And The Mature Man
NPR’s Ina Jaffe takes a look at how Viagra and similar drugs treat erectile dysfunction, and have changed the lives (and expectations for and of) older men. The products make billions of dollars a year and Medicare even pays for it. How does this affect a man's self-image and relationships?

Friday, September 12
Gentlemen Moving Forward
We've noted all summer about men's changing roles in society, and heard about how those changes sometimes leave men confused. One big area of confusion: social etiquette. If men and women aspire to operate as equals, does a man still pay the bill on a date? Should he still hold open a door? Relinquish a seat? Should he always hold his tongue, or give as good as he gets in an argument? And if men are aspiring to be the best men they can be, in a world where they are not as dominant as they once were, should they be dealing with each other differently? Shereen Meraji asks men --and some women -- to give advice on how to operate like a gentlemen in the 21st century.

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